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Grade C 全檀香
盘香(4小时)Incense Coil (4 Hour)

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  • 全檀香,高品质,安全使用。



    种类 全檀香盘香 4 小时
    品质 机器制造,保证高品质。
    用料 檀香粉, 天然粘粉, 檀香精油
    一般 及 檀香味
    功效 可达到宁静及安详的功效
    支数 1盒内含有 48 片
  • Sandalwood Incense coil offers high quality & natural in traditional style.

    Made with natural material : sandalwood powder. 

    This incense can be used to offer tranquility and serenity to home or office.

    Type Sandalwood Incense coil 4 Hour
    Quality Machine made, to ensure high quality and superior outcome.
    Material Sandalwood Powder, Natural Sticky Powder & Sandalwood Oil
    Smoke Normal with Sandalwood Aroma
    Outcome To offer tranquility and serenity
    Amount 1boxes contain 48 pieces of incense coil.
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