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Grade B Large Incense Stick 树杆 大香

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  • 纯檀香高品质,正常烟量,及安全使用。

    我们采用纯净天然檀香原料 及 提供檀香香味。


    种类 大香,  16寸 / 19寸 长
    粗/细 8毫米
    时间 16寸-2.5小时 , 19寸-3.0小时
    用料 檀香粉, 天然粘粉
    一般 及 檀香味
    功效 可达到宁静及安详的功效
    支数 16寸 1公斤 >90支 以上
    19寸 1公斤 >70支 以上
  • Pure Sandalwood Incense stick offers natural & high quality of incense stick in traditional style.

    Made with natural material with sandalwood aroma.

    This incense can be used to offer tranquility and serenity to home or office.

    Type Large Incense Stick & 16inches / 19inches
    Size 8mm
    Burning Time 16inches-2.5 Hours , 19inches-3.0 Hours
    Material Sandalwood Powder, Natural Sticky Powder 
    Smoke Normal with Sandalwood Aroma
    Outcome To offer tranquility and serenity
    Amount 16Inch 1Kg >90Sticks
    19Inch 1Kg >70Sticks
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